Welcome to some Southern mayhem and mystery!





It's time to celebrate when book club member Molly Mathews's childhood friend Teensy Coldicutt moves back to town -- complete with a published book. But as the club plans Teensy's book launch, Molly is attacked and Teensy's books are stolen.


Who would be so desperate to nab 150 copies of a sexy novel written by an elderly widow? Then Ashton Corners is hit with another shock when Teensy's publisher tuns up dead -- and fellow club member and former police chief Bob Miller is taken into custody.


Convinced that Teensy's missing books hold the key to the murder, Lizzie Turner and her band of readers are determined to hunt them down. But the plot thickens when their search leads them straight to a counterfeiting ring.


Now the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers & Cheese Straws Society must unravel this surprising twist before the killer gets the chance to write someone else off.



COVER STORY, #3 in the Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries, is now available.



Book #4, BOOK FAIR AND FOUL will be coming in August, 2014. Available for pre-order now.